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Classic Full Set
A two-hour appointment of precisely placed extensions that brightens your eyes and gives your face a “done” look without even opening up your makeup bag
Regular fill
This is a one-hour appointment to keep up your set of lashes, and it’s recommended three weeks after your full set or last fill appointment.
Luxe Fill
This a fill appointment with an extra thirty minutes on the clock, and it’s recommended if you have less than 50% of your extensions left, OR if it’s a special occasion and you just want even more perfection and fullness.

The Brow Design
Rebekah’s signature brow service, which includes a mini-consultation, tint, trim, shaping and wax, and defining with a little makeup as a final touch.
Just a Cleanup– for Brows
This is for maintaining The Brow Design, or just maintaining and cleaning up in general

Upper Lip

Upper Lip + Chin


Cheeks + Jaw


Full Face
Includes gentle waxing of the brows, upper lip and chin, jaw, and sideburns

Bikini Line
The regular bikini wax, cleaning up the swimsuit line and crook of the leg.
The wax that falls in between the basic bikini and full Brazilian – specifics available on request.
Entirely bare, unless specified otherwise.
Full Leg

Half Leg

Full Arm

Half Arm

Under Arm

Customized Sixty 
A sixty minute facial treatment tailored to your skin and self-care needs.
Rest & Renew
This ninety-minute treatment is the extended version of the Customized Sixty facial, with the additional thirty minutes and a focus on stress relief and relaxation.
The Blueberry Detox
A sixty-minute facial using the Eminence Blueberry Detox Peel- A treatment rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and lactic acid to nourish, refresh, and firm the skin
Clarity Facial
A sixty-minute treatment tailored to the face prone to breakouts.
Timeless Facial
A sixty-minute treatment age-defying treatment.